Recent & Upcoming Webinars

FCC Product Compliance Webinar Series

Electrical equipment manufacturers need to be aware of electromagnetic interference requirements to prevent unintended interactions with the other electrical devices and the public at large. The FCC oversees and enforces the regulations to ensure that electrical products and devices do not create radio signals that interefere with other devices. Electrical products may intentionally or unintentionally... Read More

Lithium-Ion Battery Webinar Series

Lithium-ion batteries can be found almost everywhere. From handheld electronics to electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries provide power to electrical devices. With high-energy density storage in a compact package, lithium-ion batteries are an ideal power storage solution for many modern applications. However, the beneficial power storage traits found in lithium-ion batteries also present a number of... Read More

Military and Ruggedization Webinar Series

From individual components, subsystems, and entire systems; This series of Military testing workshops will give you a complete picture of compliance to Military standards while addressing a range of unique topics including: Military EMC requirements, Military dynamic & climatic environmental requirements, product design considerations, tailoring design & test methods to environmental conditions, failure/risk mitigation, product... Read More